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"Healing with Laughter" is a presentation in which comedian and former medical photographer Tom Hofbauer talks about the positive impact of humor and laughter in medicine and the healthcare industry.

What People Say About Tom's Presentations

Great attitude from someone who knows how to enjoy life. Very fun! Too short!

Very funny and motivating. Awesome.

Absolutely fabulous! Could listen to you for hours!

Great job! It was nice to have a speaker that wasn’t ALL educational.

Fantastic change to the monotony!

Practical information. Down to earth.

His ability to make people laugh.

Great presentation. Good useful information!

Need you to speak at my work. I work with so many grumpy people.

Good reminders of patient care and doing it well. Humorous.

I liked the personalization of the lecture.

Excellent content

Did you know that laughter...

  • strengthens the immune system

  • increases the flow of oxygen to the heart and brain

  • decreases the "distance" between people

  • increases retention of information

  • aids in creativity and problem-solving

  • benefits the bottom line

Humorous, moving and educational, "Healing with Laughter" is the perfect keynote address or breakout session topic for medical professionals (and has been designed specifically for the healthcare industry). It's also a very effective guest lecture program for medical, nursing and healthcare students.

In this presentation, Tom Hofbauer focuses on the power of humor and the healing properties of laughter. He also provides recommendations for introducing this powerful "medicine" both into your life at home and on the job. It could be as simple as a well-timed smile, an assuring touch, a gentler approach to a serious issue, or a genuine full-out laugh shared between a healthcare worker and a patient.

Tom helps his audiences discover how to bring humor and laughter to the workplace.

And the benefit to you?

Improvements in associate morale, quality of care, outcomes and even to your bottom line.

“Tom Hofbauer really "hit the mark" as he looked at the need for humor in healthcare!  His personal stories made it real.  His style and his genuine concern for people surely came through.  If you are looking for a entertaining and educational program, give Tom a look.  You won't be disappointed.” Diana Waugh - Waugh Consulting, LLC - (Remarks on a presentation to the Northwest Ohio Gerontological Association - Spring 2013)

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What people say about "Healing with Laughter"

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